I want to build a castle for you, and I want it to be good. I want you to love my castle, and I want you to love me for building it. I want to walk around proudly, knowing that I have created something beautiful, and that I have earned love. I want to be proud and loved.

I want to be proud.

Are you loving my castle?

Are you sure you are loving my castle?

Are you really really sure you are loving my castle?

Yes, it’s great, and it’s mine.

Look at it. Look at the walls, look at the windows, look at the little boy who has worked hard to create it, and now his creation is standing on top of a hill, magnificent and real.

Look, look, don’t turn away, it’s me who built it. The little boy, me.

My castle, my woman, my genius.

Maybe, I am God.

When you say that it’s just a castle, you are hurting me.

You need to change.

When you look away from our castle, it makes me anxious. Please don’t. Don’t. Don’t Don’t. Don’t tell me about the beach where we used to go. Going to the beach is a sin… that’s right, it’s a sin.

Listen to me, I have a new religion for us. A religion that is as perfect as my castle. Repeat after me, it’s a sin to go the beach. Amen.

You, a woman who likes the wilderness of the beach, can’t understand. You are too primitive to understand the beauty of a man-made creation. You need to change for me and be perfect. Like my castle. Like my dreams. Like our religion.

I will turn your wild beach into more castles. My castles. My woman. Mine.

Listen, woman, what do you know about my dreams? In my dreams, I don’t have to prove anything. In my dreams, I am forgiven. In my dreams, I am eternal. But then I wake up, you don’t love me, and I am going to die.

But I have a plan.

One day, I will give you a brain implant, and you’ll be perfect… For me. Maybe we’ll even live forever.

Listen, baby. I built a castle for you. I want you to love my castle, and I want you to love me for building it.

And if you don’t, I will destroy you, and I will destroy the world in which you don’t love me.

You know that I can. I know that it’s not my fault. I did not sign up for rejection.

Look at me, baby. Do you love me and my castle?

This story by Tessa Lena was originally posted on Tessa Fights Robots