In this episode, I talk to Kevin Nathaniel. Kevin is a Scholar of the House of Yale University. Following Yale, he devoted himself to the healing music of Africa, especially mbira music. His recordings have developed a strong following not only among lovers of uplifting dance grooves, but also among the healing and natural medicine world. Kevin has worked with Oprah Winfrey, Jonathan Demme, Madonna, Niles Rodgers, Ephat Mujuru, Miriam Makeba, and many others.

Today, Kevin is producing New York’s most well-loved world music series, Afro Roots Tuesdays.

In the interview, Kevin discusses his journey through the craziness of the past year.

We also talk about how important it is to question the establishment narrative—and how when things don’t make sense, we shouldn’t just settle for easy answers.

You can find out more about Kevin’s work on

For more context on current events, you can read my article, “Pandemic, Meet Panopticon. Panopticon, Meet Pandemic.”