In this episode, I talk to Pete Carma. Pete is a true friend, a passionate supporter of independent musicians, and a human being of rare integrity.

Do we agree on everything? No! In fact, we argue passionately all the time about many things, including political outlooks. But whether we agree or disagree, there is always respect and honor.

In this episode, we talk about how life in New York has changed since 1950s, about the lost sense of community, about police brutality, and hypocrisy of politicians. I am always fascinated by Pete’s stories of growing up in the Bronx in the fifties.

One of the downfalls of the American culture is how short the collective memory is, and how little value is ascribed to lived experience. But there is great beauty and great significance in thinking about history, as it is seen through different personal lenses. History can teach us a lot about the present.

Without further ado, please meet Pete Carma! You can learn more about Pete on his website, StreetCredMusic.