In this episode, Peter Isackson, the author of “Daily Devil’s Dictionary” at Fair Observer, discusses language, the American take on postmodernism, and unnecessary fanaticism. We talk about education, Common Core, and the curious differences between American and French cultures.

Peter Isackson is an author, media producer, and chief visionary officer of Skillscaper. He is also the chief strategy officer at Fair Observer and the creator of the regular feature, The Daily Devil’s Dictionary.

Educated at UCLA and Oxford University, he settled in France and has worked in electronic publishing—pioneering new methods, tools and content for learning in a connected world. He has authored, produced and published numerous innovative multimedia and e-learning products and partnered with major organizations such as the BBC, Heinemann and Macmillan. He has published books and articles in a variety of journals on culture, learning, language and politics.

You can read Peter’s work on Daily Devil’s Dictionary here or follow him on Twitter.